Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 (or Office 2016) is an updated version of Microsoft Office 2013 which was launched on January 12, 2016. It is a major upgrade to the previous versions of Microsoft Office. With its features you can increase your productivity. It has applications such as Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. which give an extra edge to your work’s performance. There are additional functions, advanced collaborations and many other things which make Office 2016 special and must have. It is designed to work with premium operating systems such as Windows and Mac. For Mac users there are some special features like an updated user interface that supports Mac’s display, they have provided advanced calendar, sharing of documents, and many more built-in Office 2016 which help them to increase their productivity.  Office 2016 comes with integration to Office 365 accounts if the user wants to sync all their data to the cloud. With the help of this integration, a user can work on their documents using multiple devices with ease and it’s not required to keep a copy of the document with you all the time.

Microsoft Office 2019 is the biggest Office update after 2016. In addition to all the features offered in Office 2016 as a suite of applications for Windows and Mac and Office 365 integration, there are some of the unique new features Office 2019 offers. Microsoft Office 2019 comes with Microsoft Teams. It is a whole new software with seamless collaboration in the form of video calls in conference mode. It has great inbuilt features like file sharing. Microsoft Teams is integrated with some of the most used and famous tools and services like Github, Slack, etc. Users can host the online conference and invite as many guests as they want to join the call with ease. Office 2019 with Office 365 also gives users 1 TB of online file storage on One Drive. That’s a lot if you think about using it as an organization’s Knowledge Sharing resource center. 24 by 7 customer care service is available for the users in case they need any support regarding any of the Microsoft Office 2019 features. There are 3 types of subscription offered for Office 2019, ‘Office Home & Business 2019’, ‘Microsoft 365 Apps for business’ and ‘Microsoft 365 Business Standard’.

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