Office 365

Microsoft office 365 offers support by Microsoft professionals for all the 365 days of the year with Microsoft Office, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, and more.

With  Digital Viables Software Solution, you get support 24*7 from top Microsoft certified professionals who help you to use this technology and maximize the growth of your business. The subscription package also includes various other services like Exchange, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Dynamics 365, and Teams. On the basis of your requirements, you will have to choose the services for the subscription. Our team will help you pick the right subscription according to your business needs. Our maintained service subscription plans give you a single platform to reach your business goals.

All of the applications are available online. Whenever a user creates or updates a file using these applications they are backed up on the cloud so the user does not have to worry about saving a copy of it somewhere safe. Having a cloud backup and online applications give flexibility to the user as they can access it from any device using their credentials. The best part about this being a part of your organization’s knowledge resource is that you can share it with anyone by just their email address, no more the hassle of copying and pasting a file to the portable drive like pen drives.

Digital Viable Software Solution alongside Microsoft provides the best customer service known for their experience over the years and will help your organization achieve the goals and ambitions.

Microsoft Exchange will help set up an organization-wide email server. All the users are able to communicate seamlessly with each other and they have access to other Microsoft services.

Microsoft OneDrive allows an organization-wide sharing of resources and an online backup. It’s a very reliable service which your users will find trustworthy while sharing business data around

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